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Using Terpenes In Vape Juice

If you are looking into using terpenes you may be curious about how to use them with vaping products!

The great news is Elevation Terpenes is here to help guide you through the process. We are going to break this down into 4 simple steps for you. We also have everything you need on our website to help you make your terpene mix, including the terpenes, glass syringe and carts!

  1. Calculate how much terpenes you need to add to your extract.
  • We suggest no more than 5% terpenes by weight. Terpenes add flavor and effect, but they can be irritating in high concentration
  • This means you would add 50 mg of terpenes to a one gram extract, or 25 mg to a half gram.
  1. Gently heat your extract (we like using a hot coffee maker plate, or a blow dryer) in a small glass vial
  • As you heat your extract, the product will begin to melt, creating a solution that’s easier to work with. Additionally the heat cause a chemical reaction known as decarboxylation, resulting in a runnier product that’s easier to add to the vape 
  1. Mix your terpenes into your extract
  • Do this while the extract is still warm. Take the premeasured terpenes and add them into the extract vial and than stir with a small glass rod, pipette or straightened paper clip.
  1.   Use a glass syringe to draw up the heated terpene/extract mixture and full your vape/ or end container
  • Its very important that you do this while the extract is still hot otherwise the mixture will become too sticky and will become hard to deal with
  • If necessary you can add the vial back to your heating source to reheat it.


This is really all there is to mixing terpenes and extracts!

There is definitely some trial and error to the process, but the most important aspect is to keep the mixture hot until you get it into your vape cart or container, as it will rapidly become too sticky to work with if it cools too much.